Sunday, August 11, 2013

Part of the university

So today (August 11th) we had open day at the university. I got a lollipop and a free bag that will never see the light outside my closet and a pen. Apart from that I got some photos of the campus I reside. Note this is not my campus just the one I live at.

So that's the Samuel Griffith Centre. New building.

So there were exhibition stands 

Never know who you'll meet 

One of the food places 

Another food place 

Part of the Open Day 

More of the Open day 
I'll upload more as time goes by. Its a big campus. This week we have the Show, yes they also have an agricultural show here. So there is a holiday for the people in Brisbane - where I am - so you can go to the show. Hope to do that and upload, but even if I don't check out my city shots on Thursday. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

So more pics as promised

Okay since some complained the last time I have added more photos and less writing in this blog. 

Sustenance - its just outside the library 

Sitting room of my apartment

Like the dining room

Kitchen - see the 3 rubbish bins to separate recycling stuff 

More of the kitchen

The front door 

Outside my door 


The sinks

 My room - I had just come from class Ciku - No commenting

The door to my room - There are 3 other rooms 

 You know I just had to get this

Cooking for the week - I only cook once a week if I can

So tomorrow I'll be attending the Open Day - which means I'll be able to get photos for the Uni. 

Some more pics from my apartment:

More of the cupboard and beginning of corridor 

Note all the pictures taken in the kitchen and of food 

Saving the world - one plastic bottle at a time

Getting ready for mass - This is that dress 1,700 at Batik Biashara street 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

I am here

Captain's log 23456 

    I have journeyed far down under, to parts unknown. It has taken more than a day of travel on the ship (Emirates)... Okay jokes aside - 26 plus hours over 10,000 km and 3 hours of sleep generally makes up my trip to Australia. Have to say kudos to Dubai International Airport. Putting showers in the airport, best idea ever. 
    Two weeks, 6 classes later - I still can't believe I'm here. I keep on waiting for the shock - cultural or customs but I think that part of my brain is numb. I was told one of my exams is 10 hrs from 9 a.m to 7 p.m, so here I am week 2 on a Sunday in the library working on my assignments at 6 p.m here but somewhere in Kenya its midday. 

Ahhh Brisbane 
Why, Brisbane? That's the general question everyone's asked me - including my course conveyor. I can sum it up in 3 words - Sun (go figure its winter), Sand and Surf. Here's a look at what I'm taking about - pictures taken by phone so resolution will improve once I go(DT) DSLR. 

Fig 1,2: Street beach 

They have a street beach for those of us who can't make it to Gold Coast - that's main beach. Best of all its along the route for my campus. 

More pictures along my route:

Fig 3. Wheel 
The Brisbane Wheel. Not sure if that's the name but will check. Go on a ride and see the whole city. 

The Queensland Symphony Orchestra.

Fig. 4&5 - Part of the city. Separated by a river  
I'll post the other pictures later. Just realized its night time.