Saturday, September 28, 2013

Some oldies

Took these ones weeks earlier: 

International student's welcome orientation
The entertainment:

 There was supposed to be a fire dance

Now they will light the fire without matchsticks

 A bit of consultation
Then the master comes, the guy on the furthest right 

And finally there is fire

And the skies opened up...

Some fireworks show to end the Brisbane Festival 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Last few weeks

So I haven't posted anything in the last (many) few weeks. School, ya'll know how it is. Assignments, assignments. But prioritised my assignments so now I have time to upload more photos. I will start with the most recent ones and post older ones on Sunday or Monday mornings. So here are the latest.

This is South Bank by day - Near my campus... Scroll to see at night

Spring is here! The Spring Colour Festival 

The many faces of Spring

Superheroes welcome

Its a leaf blower

You see the poor guy in the background - that was all of us at some point

Portrait Photography

If your wondering what happened to the smiling female in the background - scroll below

 That all for that and at night we had the lights festival.

I'll get closer next time