Saturday, August 10, 2013

So more pics as promised

Okay since some complained the last time I have added more photos and less writing in this blog. 

Sustenance - its just outside the library 

Sitting room of my apartment

Like the dining room

Kitchen - see the 3 rubbish bins to separate recycling stuff 

More of the kitchen

The front door 

Outside my door 


The sinks

 My room - I had just come from class Ciku - No commenting

The door to my room - There are 3 other rooms 

 You know I just had to get this

Cooking for the week - I only cook once a week if I can

So tomorrow I'll be attending the Open Day - which means I'll be able to get photos for the Uni. 

Some more pics from my apartment:

More of the cupboard and beginning of corridor 

Note all the pictures taken in the kitchen and of food 

Saving the world - one plastic bottle at a time

Getting ready for mass - This is that dress 1,700 at Batik Biashara street 

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