Sunday, August 11, 2013

Part of the university

So today (August 11th) we had open day at the university. I got a lollipop and a free bag that will never see the light outside my closet and a pen. Apart from that I got some photos of the campus I reside. Note this is not my campus just the one I live at.

So that's the Samuel Griffith Centre. New building.

So there were exhibition stands 

Never know who you'll meet 

One of the food places 

Another food place 

Part of the Open Day 

More of the Open day 
I'll upload more as time goes by. Its a big campus. This week we have the Show, yes they also have an agricultural show here. So there is a holiday for the people in Brisbane - where I am - so you can go to the show. Hope to do that and upload, but even if I don't check out my city shots on Thursday. 

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